Bonefishing in the Bahamas, just for starters
The brown trout Patti Ferrin held proudly, before she released it, weighed 17 pounds. Ken Ferrin

“I want to break the ice through sports — to shift their thinking away from nuclear arms toward trade and investment"
Alan Boltin is convinced that sport and music exchanges, such as the Goodwill Games, Billy Joel’s Soviet Union concert tour, and his tennis trip to Russia in the mid-1980s, can go far toward preventing war.

Local sports history

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Participants in I-Tri's benefit spin class at the Sag Harbor Gym on Sunday followed Roland Walker's lead. Theresa Roden

“Challenging work, but the challenges, if you love what you do, are well worth the work.”
A self-described people person, Glenn Vickers II recently assumed the executive directorship at the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter. Jack Graves

Local sports notes

It was pretty much back- and-forth all the way
Brian Rubenstein led the White team in its 16-4 semifinal roller hockey win over the Orange team with five goals and three assists. Jack Graves

“Transformation through triathlon”
Kathleen King, of Tate’s Bake Shop fame, told the I-Tri girls at a mother-daughter retreat Saturday that she had never been dissuaded from doing anything because she was a girl. Jack Graves

One of the more intense winter passions is the otherworldly sport of ice fishing
Devon Grisham, below, and Kyle Fagerland, with his dog, Shelby, tried ice fishing on Fort Pond in Montauk on Sunday morning. Russell Drumm Photos