“But we battled back — our kids never quit.”

A half-century Hall of Fame career in high school coaching
Ed Petrie led F.E. Bellows High School to back-to-back county basketball championships in 1950 and ’51. Bobby Begun

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East Hampton’s depth turned the tide

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Sports 2012
July’s Swim Across America in Gardiner’s Bay was described by Sinead FitzGibbon as “one of the most important sports events on the East End” Jack Graves

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“It was a good nonleague game for us"
Thomas King, Bonac’s senior point guard, has impressed with his all-around play. Jack Graves

‘Each game goes down to the last frame’
Brianna Semb may have been inspired by the presence of her grandmother. Jacob Grossman finished with a 258-655. Jack Graves Photos