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"The sport is the fastest growing water sport in the world"
The paddles were mainly on the right on the way out to the first mark. Jack Graves

In the sixth inning the battle was joined
CfAR’s Tommy Thorsen made it all the way around from second on Joe Sullivan’s single in the top of the fifth. Jack Graves

Maidstone Market has won seven straight 7-on-7 championships
Rene Gutierrez, with the ball above, preserved Tortorella’s 2-1 upset of 75 Main near the end of the first of July 25’s semifinal matchups. Jack Graves

The race was a throwback of sorts
Two young up-and-comers, Liana Paradiso and Maggie Purcell, have yet to learn how to run the hills. Jack Graves

Local sports notes

Local sports schedule

“Get out of the way — and fast!”

It was about finishing, persisting, and improving, not to mention camaraderie
Once more unto the beach, dear friends . . . and into the transition area. Jack Graves

Bostwick’s lost players, but reloaded
Theresa Schirrippa, P.B.A.’s third baseman, is getting a women’s team together for the Travis Field memorial tournament that’s to be held at the Terry King ball field next week. Jack Graves