It was the second year in a row that the Bonackers have won the county title
There was much for the county-champion East Hampton High School boys soccer team — which was to have played Jericho for the Long Island championship yesterday — to celebrate this week. John Musnicki

Nick West was Johnny-on-the-spot on Saturday
Esteban Valverde and his Bonac teammates have been playing hard and very well in the postseason. Craig Macnaughton

Making the postseason
Carley Seekamp and Maria Montoya were a formidable duo at the net in last Thursday’s county Class B semifinal here with Bayport-Blue Point. Craig Macnaughton

Bass are still around
A snarl of dune grass, seaweed, logs, and plastic lined Ditch Plain in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Russell Drumm

Local sports history

Local sports schedule

Davis, who’s been riding A.T.V.s since she was 4 and racing them since the age of 6, invariably left her peers in the dust
Davis Eames is used to leaving her competitors in the dust.

The league’s top two were beaten on Oct. 24
Gehider Garcia led the league in goals scored, with six, going into this week, but his team, Maidstone Market, was trailing Tortorella Pools. Jack Graves

The list is long, very long, and harks back to The Game’s origins some 60-plus years ago
Emotions always run high at the Artists-Writers Softball Game. Eric Ernst is in the on-deck circle. Jack Graves

“They have the gift of bringing people together"
Liam Baum, who, despite his illness, plays baseball and basketball, has said to his mother, “Mom, I have to keep trying.” Julie Baum