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“Get out of the way — and fast!”

It was about finishing, persisting, and improving, not to mention camaraderie
Once more unto the beach, dear friends . . . and into the transition area. Jack Graves

Bostwick’s lost players, but reloaded
Theresa Schirrippa, P.B.A.’s third baseman, is getting a women’s team together for the Travis Field memorial tournament that’s to be held at the Terry King ball field next week. Jack Graves

The Plotkins began the Max Cure Foundation to help families of limited means whose children were stricken with cancer
The Ryans and Plotkins got together at Luly Duke’s house for Saturday’s fireworks. David Plotkin, right, chairman of the Max Cure Foundation, is shown with his sons, Max, 9, and Alex, 7, at left, along with Amos and Canela Ryan and their children, Jalen, 11, and Manijeh, 14. Jack Graves

Local sports schedule

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“My goal is to introduce a program in the Hamptons for young people which would encompass all of these integrated services that La Palestra has
The Beach Diplomats, the team for which Kofi Sekyiamah plays, is in second place with a 12-2 record, just behind Air & Speed (13-1), going into tonight’s 4-on-4 beach volleyball games at Gurney’s Inn. Jane Bimson

The 4-on-4 games Kathy McGeehan has been overseeing at Gurney’s have proved popular indeed
Games are played at Gurney’s Inn every Thursday from 6 p.m. until dark. Jack Graves

Brierley and Cebulski topped the 19-and-unders
The finish line was at the foot of the historic Montauk Lighthouse. Jack Graves