"We’re trying to bring back the old spirit, the Bonac mentality"
Judging from Friday morning’s weight room workout, the football team’s attitude is impressive. Jack Graves

For the second year in a row, MacNiven, a personal trainer and youth swim coach here, placed second in her 55-to-59-year-old age group
Maidstone Park’s terrain is not a whole lot different from that at The Hague in the Netherlands. Jack Graves

Local sports schedule

Hunters were featured in Sunday’s main event, the $50,000 Hampton Classic Hunter Derby
There were 42 entries in the opening day’s main event, the $50,000 Hampton Classic Hunter Derby, a class in which the horses’ style of going was the main criterion. Durell Godfrey

Adults took notice when she stepped into the goal
The Rangers’ goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, posed with Khloe Goncalves after last weekend’s hockey camp in Brooklyn. Diane Goncalves

The Ryans have been among a number of families contending with pediatric cancer who have received help from the Max Cure Foundation
In the almost 20 years since his graduation from East Hampton High School, Amos Ryan had seen his former coach, Ed Petrie, only once until Saturday’s reunion at the Max Cure Foundation event. Jack Graves

It was at National that the first of the biennial competitions between the American and British-Irish teams was contested in 1922.
U.S. team captain Jim Holtgrieve said he’d found his young players to be very mature. Jack Graves

Local sports notes

Local sports schedule

The Game raised an unprecedented $150,000 for its beneficiaries
“Go, Eddie, Go,” Tom Clohessy would appear to be saying to the Artists’ heavy-hitting musician, Eddie McCarthy, as he headed for home with the eventual winners’ third run in the top of the fourth inning. Durell Godfrey
Jim Leyritz, the former New York Yankee, was fed a turnip by the Artists’ Joe Sopiak in the fifthCraig Macnaughton
Jamie Patricof, the Artists’ M.V.P., homered to give his team the lead for good in the sixthCraig Macnaughton
Former President Bill Clinton caused a mob scene when he arrived in the bottom of the second inningCraig Macnaughton
Lori Singer of the Artists flied out to left in the top of the seventhDurell Godfrey
Marine Corps Staff Sargeant Timothy Brown throws out first pitch.Durell Godfrey
Michelle Suna with Senator Al FrankenDurell Godfrey
Mike Lupica didn’t grin and didn’t bear it when he fell in fielding a nubber off the bat of Jeffrey Meizlik in the top of the eighth, and Carl Bernstein found he still had game.Durell Godfrey
Ken Auletta, the Writers' player-manager, and Leif Hope, who manages the Artists, flanked the Artists-Writers Softball Game's most valuable player, Jamie Patricof, following the Artists' 8-6 win at East Hampton's Herrick Park on Aug. 17. Patricof's two-run home run in the top of the sixth inning enabled the Artists to take the lead for good, at 7-5. Durell Godfrey