"What we’re doing today will have a great effect."
Griffin Taylor, of New York City and Montauk, winner of the one-mile swim, was the first of the some 170 participants to exit the water. Jack Graves

The men’s playoffs are to begin tomorrow
First, before Monday night’s game began, Jerry Uribe, Tommy Thorsen, and Ray Wojtusiak had to fill in a sizable hole in the outfield. Jack Graves

The 27-year-old winner, a native of Oregon who lives in Port Jefferson Station, and who had stayed up until 4 a.m., dueled with Richard Temerian, 53, the eventual runner-up
Shawn Pollard, the eventual winner, was in the lead from the start. Erik Engstrom, a 14-year-old from Springs (309), wasn’t far behind. Jack Graves

Sayed Selim recently returned here, intent on taking up where he’d left off
Sayed Selim said he intended to strengthen the junior squash program at S.Y.S. Jack Graves

There are teams from East Hampton, Montauk, and Shelter Island

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Both teams were without a loss — though each had two ties — going into the clash
Playoff-bound Bateman Painting, whose Winston Reid (6) headed goalward as Jeff Esposito tumbled to the turf, shut out Espo’s 4-0 on June 20. Jack Graves

Trying to bring the team back to where it was
Bonac’s 9-to-10-year-old Little League traveling all-stars were in high spirits after “mercying” Sag Harbor 13-0 at the Pantigo Fields Friday. Jack Graves

“She’s incredibly disciplined, focused, and smart on the court"
A fellow player says that Dahlia Aman is “one of those people who, when they decide to do something, do it 100 percent.” Jack Graves