He’s looking to win too in the Golden Gloves
Luis Mancilla outsprinted Robert Beit in the final yards to the Ellen’s Run finish line. Jack Graves

East Hampton Town women’s slow-pitch league’s playoff championship
The new number-ones, Groundworks Landscaping, dug deep to sweep the reigning champions in the best-of-three final. Jack Graves

“It was really choppy, but warm. I did the first loop in 20 minutes, the second in 21. Yeah, it was a good time.”
Thomas Brierley will begin toning up for the high school cross-country season Monday. Jack Graves

Local sports notes
Molly Nolan and Calli Stavola, of the Beach Diplomats, will be playing in the Gurney’s Inn beach volleyball league’s final rounds this evening. Jane Bimson

Local sports schedule

Bradley is upbeat and encouraging
Gina Bradley didn’t get it at first. Jack Graves

More runners than ever, and more bikers, too
Evie Purcell’s reach tried to exceed Cindy Green’s gasp at the end. Jack Graves

MacNiven exceeded her expectations
Annette MacNiven won the Turbo-Tri here over the foreshortened I-Tri program’s course at Maidstone Park on June 16. Jack Graves

Groundworks had a chance to win it all Tuesday
Theresa Schirrippa, P.B.A.’s third baseman, vaulted over the team’s usually flawless shortstop, Mylan Le, to keep a Groundworks bouncer in the infield during Aug. 7’s game. Jack Graves

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