The rout of the West Division’s runner-up team improved East Hampton’s record in the Long Island Soccer Football League’s third division to 7-0-0
Diego Marles headed home Antonio Padilla’s corner kick in the early going of Sunday’s men’s soccer game at the Ross School to make it 2-0 in the East Hampton Football Club’s favor. Jack Graves
Four goals by Tyler Jarvis (10) went for naught in the Yellow Team’s 6-5 playoff final win over the Kings at the Sportime Arena on Nov. 19. Jack Graves

The boys team lost only three to graduation
The Hurricanes, the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter’s youth swim team, got their feet wet here on Nov. 16. Durell Godfrey

Sometimes, especially with old cars, his specialty, you had to make the parts yourself
Jim Shelly, above, says the going price for an Aston Martin DB5, the car driven by James Bond, is “around $600,000 . . . for the junky ones.” Jack Graves

The two with the highest aggregate G.P.A. in that group were field hockey (96.388) and girls swimming (96.072)
Maggie Pizzo, this month’s News 12 Long Island scholar-athlete honoree, will play lacrosse at Yale University, and presumably also the flute, as she did at a national high school band concert in Nashville recently. Jack Graves

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This team looked as if it would be a special one early on
How sweet it is: The Pierson Whalers hailed the school’s first state field hockey championship in 10 tries. Kasey Gilbride (11) scored the title-winning goal; Katherine Matthers, at left, got the assist. W. James Matthers
Katherine Matthers notched one of the Whalers’ goals in the first one-on-one shootout round Saturday. W. James Matthers
Sam Duchemin, Pierson’s junior rookie goalie, “really stepped up” in the two rounds of shootouts that capped the state semifinal with Whitney Point, and shut out Cazenovia in the Class C title game.W. James Matthers

Two games are slated for Ross on Sunday
David Mendez, center, “who’s been wanting to play with us for a long time,” according to John Romero, saw a lot of action at striker for the under-30 team. Jack Graves

The geographical-enrollment realignment would commence this spring
Ed Bahns and Bill McKee, who coaches the varsity boys basketball team, came up with the league realignment idea about a decade ago. Jack Graves
The western boundary for nine East Hampton High School sports teams, beginning this spring, will be Route 83 (Patchogue-Mount Sinai Road).

A large crowd watched the futsal championships at the Sportime Arena
Antonio Padilla, chasing Christian Gonzalez above in Saturday’s men’s futsal final, was the league’s most valuable player. Jack Graves
Anna Strong’s second-half goal, which gave Sportime a 2-0 lead over Los Hamptons in the women’s final at Sportime Saturday night, put her over the top in the goal-scoring competition. Jack Graves

Local sports schedule