Lee H. Skolnick, left, one of the architects for the renovation, talked with Ben Krupinski, whose construction firm donated the work, at a sneak preview on March 2. Durell Godfrey
What was once part of the Bargain Books shops is now given over to decorative housewares and knickknacks Durell Godfrey
Paul Vogel was an early customer on opening day at the Bargain Box last week.Durell Godfrey
Anne Thomas, right, the president of the L.V.I.S., showed local officials, including East Hampton Town Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, the refurbished space.Durell Godfrey
Ready for springDurell Godfrey

New owners’ associates insist preservation is aim
Grey Gardens, the East Hampton Village house made famous in the documentary film of the same name, has changed hands again, and work is being done to shore up and improve the structure. Jamie Buffalino

Large outdoor events could be drastically limited in East Hampton Village if a code revision under consideration is enacted.

Newtown Lane in East Hampton was filled with visitors last year during a first-ever street fair. The fair will return on May 12. Durell Godfrey

Whether you travel by road or rail, change is afoot in East Hampton Village. The tangle of gravel and traffic cones at the intersection of Route 114 and Buell and Toilsome Lanes should become a completed roundabout by Memorial Day. Durell Godfrey
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has begun preliminary work on a project to raise the railroad trestles over North Main Street and Accabonac Road. Durell Godfrey

Sag Harbor's Sen restaurant and the building that houses it have had a top-to-bottom renovation. It is expected to reopen in June at the earliest. Jamie Buffalino

Jessica Greene is to be treated for several blood disorders at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

Party noise complaints versus inns’ concerns for ‘revenue stream’
Jennifer Lilja, the general manager of the Hedges Inn, said that events made up a large part of its annual revenue. Six weddings are scheduled to be held at the inn in 2018. Jamie Buffalino
The Hedges Inn in East Hampton Village would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue if new limits on large events are enacted.David E. Rattray

Historical Society to present talk on 1918 flu pandemic
Lillian Swezey Skinner at the grave of her husband, Ira Skinner of Southampton, who died on March 13, 1919, during the flu pandemic.
Lillian Swezey Skinner at the grave of her husband, Ira Skinner of Southampton, who died on March 13, 1919, during the flu pandemic. Diane H. Miller Stetson

Citing history of noncompliance, Z.B.A. wants assurances this time round
Several structures on Ronald Perelman's Creeks estate in East Hampton were built illegally without permits and outside of zoning restrictions. Hampton Pix