St. Therese group raises $8,000 for St. Baldrick's Foundation
Among those who shaved their heads were a group of Montauk firefighters, including, in back, Roberto Taverias, Dick Monahan, Dutch Riege, and David Marmeno, in front, Tim O'Rourke, Ryan Persan, Donnie Schnell, and Mike Martinsen, and a future junior firefighter, Jonathan Simons. Janis Hewitt
Simone Monahan, who went bald in memory of Kyle Favata, who died of leukemia in 2009, had her head shaved by Chris McCracken.Janis Hewitt
Pam Loffreno did the honors for Pamela Monahan. Janis Hewitt
Pam Loffreno with Dutch ReigeJanis Hewitt
Young Jonathan Simons with the Rev. Bishop Nelson Perez, the Rev. Mike Reider, and Mike Martinsen Janis Hewitt

Cabbies in the audience at a Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee meeting listened closely as the group discussed new town taxi legislation. Janis Hewitt

Melted snow and rain — the total precipitation for the month — was 4.13 inches. Durell Godfrey

Harry Blumenfeld and Martin Falzack. Met 60 Years Ago, Wed Last Week

Organizers of the annual Amagansett march have outdone themselves
Participants in the 2013 Am O'Gansett Parade Dell Cullum

The East Hampton Library’s expansion is nearing completion
The East Hampton Library’s expansion is nearing completion and is projected to open in late spring or early summer. Morgan McGivern