Vincent Grimes was honored by the Boy Scouts Trailblazer District at a dinner on Oct. 21 at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk. He received the Scouts Good Deed Award for his many years of involvement.

Museum seeks permission to install replica of 19th-century lens
The Montauk Lighthouse Museum is hoping to replace the current automated light with a replica of the Fresnel lens that produced the lifesaving beam for 127 years. Louis A. Sapienza

Dorothy Malik-Atkinson, Cecilia Blowe, and Elizabeth Kopka, girl scouts working on their Silver Project, planted native plants on a dune recently built to cover a rock revetment near Gosman’s Restaurant. Larry Penny, director of natural resources for East Hampton Town, right, watched. Plants were donated by Warren’s Nursery in Water Mill. Dune work was supplied by Peter Joyce of Montauk. Dorothy Malik-Atkinson

There’s disagreement over a number of downtown parking spaces newly restricted to cars with resident stickers. Janis Hewitt

Jeb Berrier stalks around in a plastic bag monster costume of his own design in the documentary “Bag It: Are Our Lives Too Plastic?” which will be shown at the Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton on Monday at 5 p.m.

Montauk Citizens ask justices to do more

David Ryan, founder of Sailing Montauk
David Ryan, founder of Sailing Montauk, stood inside the charred cabin of his Catalina 38, which was struck by lightning in August. David Ryan