Montauk Parking
Parallel parking in downtown Montauk will soon be changed to head-in parking in some places as the business district gets 40 new parking spaces before the summer. Janis Hewitt

The Rev. Michael Jackson leads the Triune Baptist Church, which recently took up temporary quarters for services in a historic Sag Harbor church. Morgan McGivern

Lake Montauk is dying, environmentalist says

Neighbors spur state to move against Dumpster home at Montauk Downs
Elizabeth Willoughby is trying to find homes for a colony of cats before they are taken by park officials to a shelter or euthanized, depending on their health. Janis Hewitt

Despite promise, Springs remains skeptical
Neighbors of a house on Copeces Lane in Springs have complained of town code infractions they said point to code violations. The owners of the house got a visit from the East Hampton Town Building Department yesterday. Morgan McGivern