Bioswales under construction on the East Hampton Village green are intended to trap pollutants and silt, improving the health of Town and Hook Ponds. Durell Godfrey

Dominique Garstin was reunited with her dog, Yogi Bob, on Monday at the Hempstead Animal Shelter.
Dominique Garstin embraces Yogi Bob.

One of the boats on sale. Hugh Brown

Sue Farrell, a mother of two and the children's librarian at the John Jermain Memorial Library, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. GoFundMe

The Maidstone Club Durell Godfrey

East Hampton firefighters tested hydrants during a drill in front of the East Hampton movie theater on Sunday morning. Michael Heller photos

Durell Godfrey photos

Durell Godfrey photos

Tree disease is expected here this summer

Sag Harbor Village limits school-day parking
Parents are allowed to drop Sag Harbor Elementary School students off on Clinton Street, but they are not allowed to park there under new village regulations. Durell Godrey