Humpback showed signs of blunt force trauma
At sunrise yesterday, the body of humpback whale that had been towed to shore at Little Albert’s Beach in Amagansett awaited biologists from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, who would perform a necropsy later that morning. Dell Cullum
Biologists from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation performed a necropsy on part of the humpback whale’s carcass yesterday; the rest was carted away for incineration. Morgan McGivern

Morgan McGivern photos

A drone photograph captured the sight of the dead whale grounded in Gardiner's Bay on Monday afternoon. Dell Cullum
Dell Cullum

With bags in hand, volunteers pitched in for the Great Montauk Cleanup last year. This year's cleanup effort is on Saturday. Peter Lowenstein

Goal of $25,000 for Doctors Without Borders

Town Pond to get pollution-filtering plantings

Gregory Donohue, a founder of the Oceans Institute at the Montauk Lighthouse Museum, is making a whale sculpture out of the garbage he cleaned in six weeks from the beaches of Montauk. Janis Hewitt