Plans for a $6 million project
The cleared land to the lower right of the photo, including the present “bubble,” which is to be moved to seasonally cover the four courts to the left of the outdoor clubhouse, is the area under discussion with the East Hampton Town Planning Board. Irl Flanagan

"I've seen and heard nothing to substantiate the use of light sources at 3,500 Kelvin," Susan Harder, the New York State representative of the International Dark Sky Association, told the board. Christopher Walsh

Robin L. Mueller
Robin L. Mueller
Robin L. Mueller

A departure date just before Thanksgiving nears
Doug Kuntz

Rousing welcome after tour in Afghanistan
A crowd gathered at Hook Mill in East Hampton on Friday to welcome home Army Reserve First Lt. Elizabeth Mamay from a nine-month deployment. Among the well wishers was her grandfather John McNally. Morgan McGivern

No start date for the project has been set

The board closely scrutinized the application and promised that its environmental consultant would do the same.

The hallmarks of summer mayhem are a year-round topic of discussion
East Hampton Town Police Michael Sarlo Dell Cullum

“in about two and a half years, we’ll have nothing left”