Nancy Silberkleit, co-CEO of Archie Comics, who is the organizer of the "pop-up comic extravaganza" on Sunday. Courtesy Archie Comics

At the vintage booth, Aysa Kenmore, left, posed with a dress she donated and the lady who bought the dress. Durell Godfrey
The carousel was the big draw for younger children. Durell Godfrey
Lily Wright sported star sunglasses as she shopped in the children’s toy section.Durell Godfey
Xavier and Suraiya Guzman took a break in the shade. Durell Godfrey
Children bounced the day away, left, and at right, Jade Owens, Jesse Owens, and Felicia Smith explored.Durell Godfrey
John Kavanaugh, who buys a fur coat at the fair every year, got another one, and posed with his daughter Grace. Durell Godfrey

Officials gathered in Amagansett on Monday to discuss a plan for lighted crosswalks for that hamlet and in Montauk. Christopher Walsh

After the run to honor Marine Lance Cpl. Jordan C. Hearter the group gathered for a photo. Marc Richard Bennett photos
Patty Collins Sales, left, and Arlene Mason
JoAnn Lyles, far right, walked with Nicolasa Arevalo, another Gold Star mother, far left, and Ms. Arevalo's niece, also in a red shirt, and her daughter, Angelica.
Participants stopped for a photo on the Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter Veterans Memorial Bridge

Army Reserve Lt. Elizabeth Mamay was honored at Citi Field on Thursday. Noah Syndergaard presented her with an American flag. Courtesy of the New York Mets
Lieutenant Mamay brought her family to the game with her. From left, Lieutenant Mamay's cousin, Kaitlyn Mamay, her mother, Diane McNally, Lieutenant Mamay, her sisters Molly Mamay and Emily MamayCourtesy of Elizabeth Mamay
Lieutenant Mamay on the fieldCourtesy of the New York Mets
Noah Syndergaard thanked Lieutenant Mamay for her service. Courtesy of the New York Mets

The Asian longhorned beetle wreaks havoc on forests and street trees. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

After a four-year renovation, John Jermain reopens in its Main Street home
Catherine Creedon, the director of the John Jermain Memorial Library, triumphantly held up the book “Sag Harbor: The Story of an American Beauty” on its way on Saturday from the library’s temporary home on West Water Street to its permanent location on Main Street. Susan Dusenberry
Dorothy Ingersoll Zaykowski’s “Sag Harbor: The Story of an American Beauty” passed through nearly 1,000 pairs of hands on the way from the John Jermain Memorial Library’s temporary home to its newly restored permanent home. Christine Sampson

Struck by a Jet Ski as a 2-year-old
Eliot Fisher worked as a lifeguard at Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett this summer, the same beach on which he was hit by a Jet Ski piloted by a lifeguard in 2002. Morgan McGivern
The headline read “Town Jet Ski Hits Toddler” in the Aug. 29, 2002, issue of The Star, but 2-year-old Eliot Fisher escaped any major injury.