The hallmarks of summer mayhem are a year-round topic of discussion
East Hampton Town Police Michael Sarlo Dell Cullum

“in about two and a half years, we’ll have nothing left”

Susan Ceslow dug up the largest clam. Morgan McGiven photos
Susan Ceslow's 2-pound, 6.3-ounce behemoth won the largest clam award, as well as an award in the adult category for the largest clam dug from Napeague Harbor.
Ken Dodge's Manhattan chowder won him a prize.
All the clam entries lined up for judging.
There were plenty of clams to eat.
Ethan Stillwach, a winner in previous contests, won in Napeague Harbor's youth category for his 2-pound, 2.2-ounce entry.

First Lt. Elizabeth Mamay was welcomed back at Fort Totten on Friday afternoon by her family. From left, her cousin Kaitlyn Mamay, her step-father, Tim Miller, her step-mother, Laurie Mamay, a sister Molly Mamay, Lt. Mamay, her mother, Diane McNally, her father, Richard Mamay, and a sister Emily Mamay.

Durell Godfrey

Doug Kuntz