Richard Barons has been persuaded to stay on as executive director of the East Hampton Historical Society for two more years. Durell Godfrey

T.E. McMorrow
Part of the East Hampton Library’s lower level was closed to the public this week and last but there was only minor damage after a check valve on a water main burst early last week, flooding the older half of the basement. T.E. McMorrow

East Hampton Village police helped carry the 268-pound dolphin off of the beach on Saturday. Carrie Krempler
Carrie Krempler
Carrie Krempler
Carrie Krempler
Carrie Krempler
Carrie Krempler

Kunkush safely in Norway with members of its family, who had been forced to leave a Greek beach town without it after traveling from Iraq via Turkey. Doug Kuntz
Amy Shrodes on Lesbos, Greece, with Kunkush. Ms. Shrodes was wearing a Ross School jacket given to her by East Hampton volunteers who went to Greece.Doug Kuntz
Kunkush ready to travel with its pet passportDoug Kuntz

At 100, Lucy West was celebrated at the East Hampton Village Board meeting and with a party at the East Hampton Town Senior Citizens Center and Durell Godfrey
Lucy West was joined by some of her family at the celebration in her honor at the senior center. Clockwise, Gregory Gaines, Tarence Gaines, Quintin Gaines, Ms. West, and Christopher Gaines. Durell Godfrey
A birthday cake fit for a centennial celebration at the senior center.
Lucy West shared a moment with a relative. Durell Godfrey
East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. proclaimed Feb. 20, 2016, Lucy West Day and presented her with a proclamation at the village board meeting on Friday morning.Christopher Walsh
Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. knelt down to give the proclamation to Lucy West. Christopher Walsh

The prospect of fertilizer runoff into Georgica Pond was unacceptable, the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals said in denying a proposed rose garden at 40 West End Road. Morgan McGivern

Jim Federico, a longtime Sag Harbor resident, with his grandchildren. Federico Family