Michael Gaines showed how a chain saw can get down to the bone, in this case on something from the butcher’s case in a recent demonstration. Heather Dubin

Robert Valenti of the Multi-Aquaculture Systems fish farm on Napeague peered into a tank that held yearling striped bass until Tropical Storm Irene stole the electricity that sustained them. He has applied for a low-interest government loan to get the farm back on track. Russell Drumm

‘An interesting case,’ says village official of land claim on beach
A Georgica Beach property owner has been cited by East Hampton Village and the State Department of Environmental Conservation for fencing off a section of ocean beach. Russell Drumm

Firefighters honored with Ground Zero steel
Dennis O’Reilly, a retired New York City firefighter and a volunteer with the Montauk department, spoke at a dedication ceremony on Sunday. Janis Hewitt
Emergency services personnel from all of the departments that serve in East Hampton Town gathered near the Hook Mill Sunday. Wreaths were placed on the Memorial Green to remember those killed 10 years ago. An interfaith service at the East Hampton Presbyterian Church filled the pews Sunday afternoon. Morgan McGivern Photos

Christina Lescano, an employee of the Amagansett I.G.A., with some of the paper bags the store now uses exclusively. Morgan McGivern

The Rev. Bill Hoffmann settled into his new office at the Montauk Community Church this week. Janis Hewitt