Mark Ripolone’s Ditch Plains Taxi is one of several local taxi companies that can now be summoned with the smartphone app Gata Hub. Bob Bowman

Child’s burn points to buried-fire problem
Jana Syfert burned her left foot after stepping on smoldering residue from a bonfire someone left covered with sand. Kate Overton

Favored stop for beer and soda to close
A notice to customers written on the Dos Equis beer man's sign reads, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I buy it from Peconic Beverage," while notifying them of the last day and to thank them for shopping. Kelly Stefanick
Gary Moller, a manager of Peconic Beverage seen here with Sandhya McPherson, will be behind the counter until the closing day. Kelly Stefanick

But weekend fairs also bring ‘total chaos,’ residents complain

Ed Deyermond Taylor K. Vecsey