Jacqueline Bitonti is the new children’s librarian at the Montauk Library and has many programming ideas for the hamlet’s young people. Janis Hewitt

Tom Griffin, a board member, and his wife, Helene Griffin, with Lisa DeVeglio, the president of the Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation, at the opening reception Saturday for a pop-up art gallery to benefit the Playhouse. Janis Hewitt

Soldier Ride’s Team Sam Scram last year included, from top left, Michael Pour, Mauricio Castillo, Margery Courtney, Tali Friedman, Rachel Kleinberg, Ana Nunez, and, at bottom, Corrina Castillo, Luke Castillo, Margaret Thompson, Karen Haab, and Frank Dolan.

About 250 people marched from Dunemere Lane down Highway Behind the Pond to Daniel Loeb's house to protest during a fund-raiser for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.
The protestors arrived on five buses that made pick-ups from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Brentwood.
East Hampton Village Police Chief Gerard Larsen helped escort the protestors on their march down Highway Behind the Pond to in front of Daniel Loeb's house.
Protestors were kept behind a police barricade across the street from Daniel Loeb's house, where a fund-raiser for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo was taking place.
After about an hour and a half of protesting in front of Daniel Loeb's house, the group marched down to the beach for a few photo ops with Mr. Loeb's oceanfront house as a backdrop.

Labyrinth is Montauk women’s gift to community
Members of a Montauk group called 12 Women put the finishing touches recently on a stone labyrinth they laid out in the field at Eddie V. Ecker County Park on Navy Road. Joanne Pilgrim

Riding Sag-to-Montauk loop, again and again
Kayla Briska, left, a Hampton Hopper “ambassador,” rode the bus with Karin Gosman, a driver. Britta Lokting