Raymond Osborn, center, sent letters home to his family in Wainscott while serving in World War I. Ella Osborn, at left, was a nurse overseas during the war. Christine Sampson

Association Hermione-La Fayette
The Kalmar Nyckel, a reproduction completed in 1997 and fashioned after a ship built in 1625Carissa Katz
Details on the Kalmar Nyckel point to sailors' superstitions in the 17th century.Carissa Katz
Greenport's Front Street, above, and Main Street are closed to traffic while the tall ships are in port. Carissa Katz

Historic shops would move to North Main

Trustees want beach garbage cans removed; village says they’re staying put
Critics of beach garbage cans, including the East Hampton Town Trustees, say that cans like these on Main Beach create more problems than they solve. Dell Cullum

The wayward goose, perched on a rock, is believed to be a hybrid of a Pilgrim goose and a Chinese goose, and has taken up residence with a pair of Canada geese and their goslings on Fort Pond. Jane Bimson
Jane Bimson
Jane Bimson

Brian Gilbride, Sag Harbor’s outgoing mayor, was feted at Muse in the Harbor on Tuesday evening. Morgan McGivern