L.V.I.S. Fair’s Poster Girl

Mardie Gorman was once again chosen to design the poster for the L.V.I.S. fair.

    For three years, starting in 2006, Mardie Gorman created the poster for the Ladies Village Improvement Society Fair, and this summer her work has been chosen once again.
    “I always thought it would be the most wonderful thing to do, have the poster,” said Ms. Gorman, who has worked at the fair for many years in the flower booth and organizing the books. The 2011 poster, a watercolor, shows St. Luke’s Church, the Gardiner Windmill, Home, Sweet Home and the Mulford Farm from the perspective of strollers approaching Town Pond.
    Born in London, Ms. Gorman has been back and forth to East Hampton on a regular basis since the ’70s. Originally a costume designer in New York City, she later moved to needlepoint, oil paintings, and, recently, to watercolors. She continues to maintain a needlepoint school in London.
    “I love the effects of watercolors,” she said. She uses both sketches and photos in her work. “You need both,” she said. “I did a painting once and completely missed a bench . . . you need to have the photo, you need to have the reference.”
    Her works reflect a social critique of the town as it was and as it is. She frequently adds antique cars from the 1920s to enhance the scene.
    Ms. Gorman will be at the fair on Saturday with an arts and crafts booth of her own, featuring her prints, needlepoint, knitted hats, painted birdhouses, and other items.
    Excited for next year’s poster submission, she has her painting all ready to go.