Lyme Disease Documentary

    “Under Our Skin,” a much-anticipated documentary film about Lyme disease, will be shown tomorrow night at 7 at LTV Studio 3 Cinema in Wainscott. Directed by Andy Abrahams, the film investigates this often misdiagnosed malady, which is all too well known on the East End, drawing disconcerting conclusions about the failings of the health care industry.

 According to the Centers for Disease Control, Lyme disease cases have increased by a staggering 94 percent since 2004, almost doubling between then and 2009, when the last numbers were compiled. “Under Our Skin” attempts to counter the ever-growing complications surrounding  the disease, from doctors’ diagnoses to costly battles with insurance companies and varying treatment possibilities.

 A panel discussion will follow the film, featuring Dr. Joseph Burrascano, a Lyme disease specialist who lives in East Hampton, and Stacey Sobel, the executive director of the Turn the Corner Foundation, which is dedicated to Lyme education and research.
Tomorrow night’s event is a pre-screening of the Hamptons Take 2 Film Festival, which is scheduled for Nov. 18 through Nov. 20. Tickets are $15, available at the door.