Library Budget Approved

Matthew Charron

    By a vote of 195 to 36, taxpayers overwhelmingly approved an almost $2 million 2013 budget for the East Hampton Library on Saturday. The increase from this year’s budget was just over $120,000.
    Dennis Fabiszak, library director, said the library board and staff were thankful for the support, noting that the budget was approved by 84 percent of those who voted.
    Since 1995, the library has received donations totaling nearly $15 million. The revenue from fund-raising events and donations expected in 2013 leaves $1,375,442 to be raised by taxes. The average district property tax increase is estimated to be $7.58. This year’s coffers were significantly boosted by a $250,000 gift from the actor Alec Baldwin.
    The library has begun construction on its 6,800-square-foot children’s wing, which will include dedicated space for young adults.  Salary for a part-time librarian to work with them was added to the new budget. “That age group has never had its own place in the building,” Mr. Fabiszak said. “During finals, we would close the entire library for students to come in and study after school and there was a huge response.”
    Mr. Fabiszak expects construction of the new wing to be completed by Memorial Day 2013.
    The library also plans to hire a part-time custodian.
    Materials make up the second highest increase in the budget, $10,900 more for a total of $135,000.
    East Hampton School District voters cast 165 of the ballots, with 130 supporting the budget. Fifty-four Springs residents and 11 Wainscott residents showed up to vote yes, with only one Springs resident opposed.