‘Polite Deterrent’

    The East Hampton Village Design Review Board unanimously approved a plan last Thursday for a fence at 9 Fresno Place, proposed by MG Muscle Classics. Bill Kelly, representing the applicants, told the board they have been finding a lot of bottles and cans on the property, and have had problems “with people from neighboring establishments using the driveway as a turnaround area and loitering in the front yard.”
    “I get bottles and cans at my place on Toilsome Lane,” said C. Sherrill Dayton, a board member. “The least they could do is throw a full one over.”
    “I know one guy who made $12,000 in a year and a half, recycling cans that were thrown onto his property,” Mr. Kelly said.
    The board agreed with Mr. Kelly that the inward-swinging, three-foot-high black fence, with steel cables spanning its 22-foot width, will act as a “polite deterrent” without being an eyesore.