East Hampton Getting Tough on Tuna

East Hampton Town officials say that they have been forced to take aggressive action to get the Sloppy Tuna bar and restaurant in Montauk to abide by noise, occupancy, and other laws. The club was shut down for several hours on Saturday night. Sunny Khlasa

    East Hampton Town is being “forced to get aggressive” in its efforts to get the Sloppy Tuna, a Montauk bar and restaurant, to comply with town safety and other laws, Patrick Gunn, the town’s public safety division administrator, said Tuesday.
    It was shut down by the fire marshal and police for several hours late Saturday night because of overcrowding. Last Thursday, the town board approved a resolution authorizing town attorneys to commence a civil court action against the club’s owners, a limited-liability company called 148 South Emerson Partners, in order to get them to abide by town laws.
    After five citations were issued this summer to the club for noise ordinance violations, the town board was set to review whether to revoke the club’s music permit, but then discovered that the Sloppy Tuna does not have a music permit. Music permits are required for any bar or restaurant where music is played indoors or out. The club was cited for that alleged violation as well.


It seems the citations didn't work