Z.B.A. Chair Reprimanded

    Despite an outburst earlier this month that the East Hampton Village mayor called “totally inappropriate and not in keeping with the high standard of professionalism” the village expects, Andrew Goldstein will continue to serve as chairman of the village zoning board of appeals, according to a statement issued on Monday by Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr.
    At a Sept. 14 zoning board hearing on the Maidstone Club’s irrigation overhaul, Mr. Goldstein told David Eagan, attorney for the club, to sit down or he would call security, and at the height of his frustration, requested that audio recording be stopped. It was not. Mr. Goldstein then apologized and Mr. Eagan accepted.
    In a closed-door session on Friday, “the board of trustees had a frank discussion with Mr. Goldstein in his capacity as chairman of our zoning board of appeals,” Mayor Rickenbach said in the statement. Mr. Goldstein admitted his error in conduct and apologized to the village board. “The board of trustees accepted Mr. Goldstein’s apology in good faith, with the caveat that it is understood similar conduct in the future will not be tolerated,” the mayor said in the statement.
    “I have no comment on Mr. Goldstein’s conduct or the village’s response,” Mr. Eagan said in an e-mail. And for the record, he said he felt the description in last week’s Star of his exchange with Mr. Goldstein on Sept. 14 as “heated” was inaccurate. “At no time was my behavior inappropriate. Anyone who was present or viewed the tape will see that I represented our client in a professional manner and was there to advance their interests and to defend their legal rights,” Mr. Eagan wrote. “Nothing that happened at the meeting will change my approach or that of my colleagues.”
    Mr. Goldstein declined to comment.