Is Gurney’s Inn for Sale?

    In recent weeks the buzz around Montauk is that Gurney’s Inn has been sold. Ingrid Lemme, the inn’s marketing director and spokeswoman, denied this in a press release issued on March 25.
    “Gurney’s Inn has not been sold. Currently conversations are taking place between Gurney’s timeshare owners and a potential investor. At this point we are not at liberty to discuss those conversations. It is business as usual at Gurney’s. The hotel, seawater spa, and restaurant are waiting to welcome you,” the release said.
    Nick Montemarano (who preferred to use a shorter version of the family name) purchased the then-20-unit oceanfront hotel on 11 acres for $200,000 in 1956.
    Over time, the inn has expanded to include 15 buildings, 109 rooms (half of which were later turned into timeshare units when the inn fell on hard times financially), a seawater spa, conference rooms, a restaurant, and a bakery.
    When asked to confirm what the release said, Paul Monte, the chief executive of Gurney’s and nephew of Nick Monte, said, “There is no new owner of Gurney’s. It is not on the market.”
    Asked if there would be more news at the end of this week, Mr. Monte said, “I can’t say.”