March Fit Lion-Lamb Mold

    March, as it turned out, really did go out like a lamb, with a high of 54 degrees recorded on the 28th by Richard G. Hendrickson, the United States Cooperative weather observer in Bridgehampton.
    Last month’s temperatures began in the 30s in the first week, then rose into the 40s and low 50s the next week, but a cool spell prevailed until the final week of the month, when it was 50 or higher on three days. The low for the month was 18 degrees on the 6th, Mr. Hendrickson wrote in his monthly weather report.
    Most rain or snow last month came in 5 of the first 12 days. Seven inches of snow on March 8 resulted in 1.29 inches of water when melted. Two other light rains contributed to a total precipitation of 2.08 inches, low for March.
    As of early last week, Mr. Hendrickson was still hoping for rain, but it looks to be coming now. “A light rain at this period will have all buds break open and eastern Long Island will be in bloom,” he wrote.
    Wind last month blew mainly from the northwest on 13 days. Mr. Hendrickson recorded 8 clear days, 3 cloudy days, and 20 partly cloudy days.
    “April should give us at least 5 rains, and maybe more. We might get a light snowfall but it would not last. The strong winds from the northwest should be of short term and velocity,” Mr. Hendrickson wrote. “Brighter sunshine and it will be time to fly a kite!”