That Was One Bone-Dry May

    “It is most unusual that we have gone through May and at this writing on June 1 there was very little rainfall. Agriculturally it is dry, but I am sure, as long-term records show, rainfall will be here soon.” So wrote Richard G. Hendrickson, the United States Cooperative weather observer in Bridgehampton, in his monthly report for May.

    There was light rain on seven days last month, the heaviest — just over half an inch — coming on May 28. The total for the month was 2.13 inches, as compared to a long-term average of 3.5 to 4 inches, Mr. Hendrickson said.

    “Over all the temperatures for May on eastern Long Island were rather nice; with a short cooler period of 50s late in the month.” By the end of the month, temperatures were in the 70s, though they did drop to 33 one night. The high for the month was 76 on May 21. The low was 33.

    Wind blew from the southwest on 14 days last month, according to Mr. Hendrickson’s records, and there were 16 clear, 1 partly cloudy, and 14 cloudy days.

   “The best is yet to come!” Mr. Hendrickson said.