Thank You, Stony Brook

    On July 14, Lenny Ackerman, whose wife faced life-threatening heart complications last year, held a celebration at his house in honor of the Stony Brook University Hospital staff who cared for her during her medical journey.

    When his wife, Judie, suffered a heart attack and stroke last year, she was rushed to a local hospital. But due to her serious and complicated condition, she was transported to the Stony Brook University Heart Institute, where she was assigned to top quality care, according to the family. Dr. David Brown, the cardiologist assigned to her, informed them that there was even a doctor on staff who specialized in her issues. As Mr. Ackerman described, “I was delightfully surprised to find this level of care so close to home.”

    The East Hampton attorney was so impressed and grateful that he held a celebration to honor the Stony Brook staff and to help inform other East End residents about the importance of having a tertiary care center near to home, as Stony Brook plays an important role as the sole center in Suffolk County.

    Mr. Ackerman and his wife hosted over 200 friends, colleagues, and community members to “introduce the leadership of Stony Brook Medicine to our community,” said Mr. Ackerman. In addition, all of the staff members who took care of Mrs. Ackerman were invited to be honored at the party.

    “Stony Brook was there for us, and everyone who needs them,” Mr. Ackerman said.