Outdoor Dream Nears Reality

    Page at 63 Main, a restaurant in Sag Harbor, took a giant leap Tuesday toward the establishment of a backyard seating garden there. A permit approval of the newest site plan is expected at the village planning board’s next meeting, on Sept. 24.

    Previously, Neil Slevin, the chairman of the planning board, had serious concerns about the plan by Gerard Wawryk, the restaurant’s owner, to eliminate a driveway off Division Street, at the rear of the Main Street eatery, to make room for a courtyard where customers could take food and drinks purchased inside.

    The most recent site plan retained a portion of the driveway, with a reduced seating area. All that remains for the project to go through is an adjustment to the planned placement of five downward-shining, dark-skies compliant lights. Dennis Downes, Mr. Wawryk’s lawyer, told Denise Schoen, the attorney for the planning board, that she would have that straight away.

    No further comments or questions were forthcoming from the board or the public in attendance.

    The proposed courtyard would have tables and chairs set on grass, surrounded by landscaping and adjacent to a paved driveway. There is to be an arbor and gate at a walkway entry from Division Street.

    Mr. Wawryk has purchased a refrigerated Dumpster and said he will have it emptied as many times as necessary to ensure that there is no garbage odor in the area.

    Aside from Gregory Ferraris, who abstained because of a conflict with his accounting practice, all board members were in favor of Ms. Schoen’s drafting a document for approval at the next meeting.

    “I appreciate you working with us,” Mr. Downes said.