Major Pipe Work Wraps Up

For several weeks this month, the Suffolk County Water Authority has been working in Montauk to add 3,437 feet of a new 12-inch water main to connect pipes from the intersection of Montauk Highway to Caswell Road, near the Ditch Plain area. The new pipes from east to west of the site will provide additional pressure and protection against service interruption for residents of East Lake Drive.

Work on the project, which provides a second water main to the eastern portion of the hamlet, began on April 7 and was completed at the end of last week. Before the pipe was extended the only one serving the area ran beneath the inlet to East Lake Drive.

“Before, we’ve been able to fulfill the water supply needs of the eastern portion, and adding a second layer will provide an extra layer of security,” Jeffrey W. Szabo, the water authority’s chief executive officer, said in a release. “It’s a substantial commitment to our customers in this portion of our service territory.”

The project has enabled 24 new customers along the water main’s route, which runs adjacent to Montauk Highway to Ranch Court near the Startop Estate area, to hook up to public water.