To Study Hook Pond

A group to focus on the ecological health of Hook Pond

The Maidstone Club’s application to expand and modernize its irrigation system, which the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals is likely to rule on this month, has prompted the creation of a group to focus on the ecological health of Hook Pond. Frank Newbold, chairman of the village’s zoning board, described the new group at the board’s meeting on Friday.

The Maidstone Club contends that the irrigation system it plans to install would be more efficient and increase turf density, which in turn would substantially reduce runoff to Hook Pond. In addition, the club says the reduced need to apply fungicides and pesticides to the grounds would mean fewer chemicals entering the pond.

The group, whose formation will be formally announced next week, comprises Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr., Barbara Borsack, deputy mayor, Becky Molinaro, village administrator, Scott Fithian and Michael Bouker, superintendent and deputy superintendent of the Public Works Department, Kim Shaw, East Hampton Town’s director of natural resources, Diane McNally and Sean McCaffrey, East Hampton Town trustees, Ken McDonald, representing the Nature Conservancy, Bob DeLuca, representing the Group for the East End, Arthur Graham, representing the Maidstone Club, and Linda James, Evelyn Lipper, and Bill Speck, all of whom own property on the pond’s shoreline.