At Montauk Crafts Fair

Janis Hewitt

When Olivia Walsh visited the Montauk Historical Society’s arts and crafts fair at the Second House Museum in July, she wondered why there were no crafts available for children. So the 7-year-old took matters into her own hands. She asked her mom, Lauren Walsh, to find out if she could set up a stand and teach others how to make bird feeders, a craft she learned from a book. The answer was yes.

Olivia was allotted a space right on Second House’s porch for its August fair last weekend. She had cardboard paper towel and toilet paper holders, a few jars of peanut butter, and bags of bird feed on display.  As fairgoers stopped by, she demonstrated how to cover the holders with peanut butter and spoon bird seed over them, and she showed them several examples.

 A number of visitors were so impressed by her initiative that they donated to the collection jar she had set up. Olivia raised $50 and donated it to the Save Second House committee, a group which is in the process of fund-raising to help restore the historic building.