To Explain Code Revisions

The public has been invited to a meeting on Wednesday for further explanation of the proposed Sag Harbor Village zoning code revisions.

There are four local laws proposed, the most substantial change of which is the introduction of a cap on how big a house can be based on the size of the property. In calculating gross floor area, the village would consider the total square footage of the house, including basements. Another proposal is that the village could set an additional fee of $15 per square foot on applications for houses larger than 3,000 square feet. The money would go into an affordable housing fund.

The board of historic preservation and architectural review is also at the center of some revisions to formalize some of its actions, including making a decision within 60 days from when an application is deemed complete. The last amendment tackles swimming pools, with a proposed setback of 30 feet, which has drawn criticism in a village where the majority of lots are nonconforming.

Sag Harbor has been under a moratorium on major residential building projects for the last six months. The village passed a stopgap measure on development at last week’s regular village board meeting that is considered less restrictive. Applications will be processed so that applicants can begin to receive feedback from the necessary boards.

Meanwhile, village officials will present the proposed code revisions to the public on Wednesday in an informational session to be held at the Sag Harbor Firehouse. It begins at 6 p.m. No public hearing on the proposals has been set yet.