Jermain Library Budget Vote Today

Those registered to vote in the Sag Harbor School District can weigh in today from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the John Jermain Memorial Library’s 2018 budget and also select three members of the library’s board from a field of five.

Next year’s budget of nearly $2.7 million is up 3.8 percent, or $101,246, over this year’s, resulting in an approximate increase of $10 per year for the average homeowner, according to the library. 

Of the anticipated spending, $905,000 will go toward debt service and nearly $1.8 million will cover day-to-day operations. The library expects to pay $986,819 in salaries, $266,576 for employee benefits and payroll taxes, $137,200 for library materials and programs, $192,720 for administrative and office expenses, and $226,000 to care for its building and grounds. Increased utility and insurance costs account for some of the budget hike. 

In the board vote, Ann Sutphen, the current vice president, is hoping to win another term, while Carol Hance, Gloria Brown, Bill McCoy, and Janine M. Rayano are each running for the first time. Ann Lieber and Jacqueline Brody are stepping down at the end of the year, having reached their term limits. There are eight seats on the library’s board. The winning candidates will serve three-year terms beginning on Jan. 1. Voting takes place at the library.