Councilman Crowned Mr. Amagansett

The annual Mr. Amagansett contest was full of zany fun at the Stephen Talkhouse on Thursday night.
Billy Buckhorn, a k a Peter Van Scoyoc, entertained the crowd with pleasant songs about deer. Morgan McGivern Photos

     You couldn't exactly call Thursday night's Mr. Amagansett pageant good, clean fun, but it was all for a good cause. The zany fun, dirty jokes, offbeat talent, and questionable humor at the Stephen Talkhouse raised money for the Donald T. Sharkey Memorial Fund.

     The all-female panel of judges wore green hats and drank Presidente beer while deciding whether the police should be called on two especially raunchy contestants.

     The event moved on to more pleasant characters, including Billy Buckhorn, a k a Peter Van Scoyoc, an East Hampton Town councilman. Marco Mavin stripped down to his underwear in his attempt to win the judges' hearts and votes, and Tom Perry put the ladies in the crowd under his spell with as he sang "Amagansett is my kind of town." (He works across the street if any fans are looking for him.)

     The Talkhouse's own Nick Krauss competed, by way of his close associates, with a video that showed him strutting down Main Street to disco music and later in dressed in semi-drag to enter a ladies night in Mexico.

     The official town crier, Hugh King, made an appearance via video, too, but the finer points of his presentation may have been lost on the frisky crowd. 

     Billy Buckhorn walked away with the crown.

Keith FritzMorgan McGivern
Danny Lofaro was among the contenders.Morgan McGivern
Before he did a striptease to down to his underwear, Marco Mavin got up close and personal with one of the judges.Morgan McGivern
The judgesMorgan McGivern
The crowd got a lot of laughs.Morgan McGivern