Awards for Cancer Research

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has named eight researchers to the second annual class of Andrew Sabin Family Fellows. Each fellow receives $100,000 over two years through a $30 million endowment to encourage research creativity, independent thinking, and high-impact cancer research.

“It’s been exciting to observe the inaugural eight fellows as their research has progressed during the first year of the Andrew Sabin Family Fellowship Program, and we’re equally impressed with the 2017 class,” said Andrew Sabin, who has houses in Amagansett and Springs and has served on the MD Anderson Cancer Center board of visitors since 2005. “The program now nurtures 16 brilliant minds focused on finding an end to this terrible disease. My family looks forward to seeing their impact grow exponentially over the coming year. We’re proud to know our gift already is making a difference for people suffering from cancer.”

The program offers up to eight fellowships annually to support research in basic science, clinical, physician-scientist, and population and quantitative science. The funding frees researchers to pursue potentially practice-changing science rather than spend the bulk of their time writing grants.

The awardees are Margarida Albuquerque Almeida Santos, Swathi Arur, Boyi Gan, Clifton Fuller, Chad Huff, Eugene Koay, Andrew Rhim, and Jennifer Wargo.