The snowstorm that crippled the South Fork this week has left damage in its wake, including the collapse of the roof on the former East Hampton Bowl building in East Hampton Village. 
Following three consecutive snow days, most schools in East Hampton plan to reopen tomorrow morning, albeit with a two-hour delay for some.
While the blizzard did not prove to be as bad as was forecasted, the two feet of snow dumped on the South Fork from Tuesday into Wednesday was the most East Hampton Town has ever seen.
New initiatives and an increased focus at Town Hall on ordinance enforcement and reducing the quality-of-life problems that result from chronic violation of East Hampton’s codes appear to have had an impact in 2014.
Arthur E. Connors of Cooper Lane, East Hampton, who served as an assistant captain with the East Hampton Fire Department, died of a brain aneurysm on Jan. 13 at Ochsher North Shore Medical Center in Slidell, La. He was 90. “A wonderful man,...
Close to $1 million from East Hampton’s community preservation fund is to be allocated to restoration work at several historic sites this year, according to a draft budget that was the subject of a Jan. 15 town board hearing.
Esther Laufer died at home on Highland Lane in East Hampton on Sunday at the age of 101. Mrs. Laufer had been a concert pianist and a piano teacher. “One of the highlights of her life was playing a Rachmaninoff piece during a piano lesson and...
Student Art at the Parrish
Milton Freeman, an art collector and enthusiastic theatergoer who for many years owned 1780 Antiques House in Water Mill, died on Sunday at Southampton Hospital. He was 92. He was a designer of bed linens and bath towels when, in 1952, friends...