By Gail Levin
    What do a classical pianist, an action-film drug dealer, and a reality show producer have in common (other than sounding like a trio who might walk into a bar in a bad joke)?
    Bryan Hunt’s exhibit at Guild Hall is a study in contradictions and the subtleties of form, even when the sculptures top out at 12 feet tall and 600 pounds. The last chance to see the show is this weekend, and it would be...
Kuntz in London     Doug Kuntz, a photographer whose work has appeared many times in The Star, has photos on view in London through Oct. 2 in an exhibit called “H2O.”     Mr. Kuntz’s images will be...

    It’s one thing to play the music of the Allman Brothers, but quite another to have a member of the legendary Southern rock ensemble sit in with you when you do. That’s what will happen at Guild Hall when the drummer...
For those paying attention, this summer will bring not one, but two new rock festivals to the South Fork.
For an increasing number, a good reason to be on the South Fork in summer is music. Not only have Music to Know and Escape to New York sprouted, but concerts in classical genres have increased in number.
In that era the game of Halt! was played in which one froze at the word in whatever posture one was in and I do not remember the rest of it.
By the end of 2009, it seemed all print media companies were on the verge of collapse. Bankruptcies and layoffs were the common headlines generated by activities happening in the very newsrooms reporting them