The South Fork, with its easy access from New York City, its beautiful beaches and historic villages, and its artistic and small-town flavor, has long been known as a haven for the glitterati. A perfect place to make a movie or film a TV show.
A play reading always takes a lot of imagination on the audience’s part. In the Hamptons Independent Theatre Festival reading of “Museum,” however, it was the producers who put their imaginations to work on the staging to make it a unique experience
Who is to say what can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary? Certainly vision helps, and when three visionary entities join forces it is bound to cause a commotion. When the source of the marvel is a common everyday object, it makes for an even greater spectacle.
One of art’s sharpest, most dedicated personalities, Lee Krasner (1908-1984) was fiercely determined to produce paintings that pushed the envelope, and she was fiercely devoted to the work and career of her husband, Jackson Pollock.
While the 1989 play touches on themes that were similarly resonant at the end of that decade’s go-go market, it almost seems innocent in the face of the complexities of today’s financial market machinations.

At this latitude the vast majority of the plants become dormant by the time of the first frost, many mammals and all of the frogs, land turtles, snakes, and salamanders go in

One snipped here and there by way of saying goodbye and voted, knowing a great change was in the nation and went to bed early, not wanting to know, not just yet.