“Dead Anyway”
Chris Knopf
Permanent Press, $28

    Yes, spring seems far off. And yes, Major Jackson sounds like an important figure in the Battle of Antietam. Neither is the case, however, and both will converge Wednesday for the start of that season’s months-long series...

   Claire Reed will celebrate the Feminist Press’s publication of her new memoir, “Toughing It Out: From Silver Slippers to Combat Boots,” with a reading and discussion at the Bluestockings Bookstore on the Lower East...

“Toughing It Out”
Claire Reed
Feminist Press, $18.95

“The Best American
Poetry 2012”

Edited by Mark Doty
Scribner Poetry, $16

“The Unkechaug Indians of Eastern Long Island”
John A. Strong
University of Oklahoma Press, $29.95

   The Unkechaug Indians live today on a small reservation along the northern...

“A Wedding
in Great Neck”

Yona Zeldis McDonough
New American Library, $15

   Is it possible to change the deeply set attitudes of a family all in one day? Can grudges and...

“Women in
Long Island’s Past”

Natalie A. Naylor
History Press, $19.99

    Two thousand and twelve wasn’t a particularly good year for the literary novel, and I’m not sure what it says that so much of this year’s good reading centered on crime fiction. Nevertheless, there is little...