“At the Fights”
Edited by George Kimball
and John Schulian
Library of America, $19.95

   Boxing has inspired memorable prose from many gifted writers, and many of...

  “Killing the Messenger”
Thomas Peele
Crown, $26

   On Aug. 2, 2007, a 19-year-old male wielding a handheld shotgun killed the editor of The Oakland Post, a small, free...

    There have been several exhibitions and related events surrounding the 100th anniversary of Jackson Pollock’s birth in January. While not a cause for celebration, the anniversary of his storied death just passed on...

With his back to the dunes,
Harry reclines, his still-toned legs
Crossed at the ankles,
On a foot-rested beach chair,
Watching, on a laptop
Balanced on his hard-won abs,
An economist interviewed

   Robert A. Caro, besides being perhaps the country’s pre-eminent biographer, is one of the main cogs in the fund-raising machine that is the East Hampton Library’s Authors Night, which, as is detailed elsewhere on this...

“The Passage of Power”
Robert A. Caro
Knopf, $35

   The eighth annual Authors Night, a cocktail party and book signing to benefit the East Hampton Library, will take place on Saturday from 5 to 7:30 p.m. The authors reception will be followed by 25 dinner parties held at private...

   The Feminist Press, which is based at the City University of New York, is staging two cocktail parties on the South Fork this summer to introduce some of its recently published writers and to raise money.

“Vanished in the Dunes”
Allan Retzky
Oceanview Publishing, $25.95