“The Pushcart Prize XXXVIII” Edited by Bill Henderson Norton, $19.95
“The Heart Of Everything That Is” Bob Drury and Tom Clavin Simon and Schuster, $30
    Styron fans, prepare for an insider’s view: Alexandra Styron will be the first to the lectern for the spring’s Writers Speak series at Stony Brook Southampton on Wednesday with “Reading My Father,” her...
    There is a poem in Philip Schultz’s book “Failure,” which won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 2008, called “The Reasonable Houses of Osborne Lane.” Shifting from “cottages slowly blooming into...
It is a good thing to keep compilations of Truman Capote’s work up to date, in print, on the bookstore shelves, and in library catalogs.
Chaskey on “Seedtime”

“The Nicolls of Sachem’s Neck” Patricia and Edward Shillingburg Cedar Grove Press, $25     Have you ever wondered what the rest of the letter said, when you come across a mystifying tidbit reprinted in a book...

“Almost Rain” Simon Perchik River Otter Press, $12.99

“Nature Wars” Jim Sterba Broadway Books, $14.95     Last September, deer became a deeply personal issue for me, and I crossed over to the other side, where I’d never been before.