Look Ahead, Writers
    February on eastern Long Island. It can seem like the calendar’s equivalent of 3 a.m., when nothing good happens, not even snow. But using the down time to plan for better...

    Out this week in paperback, Helen Schulman’s “This Beautiful Life” is a highly contemporary tale of woe. The novel looks at how a family manages and fails to manage in the grip of a thoroughly distressing...

“Elizabeth and Hazel”
David Margolick
Yale University Press, $26


    Now in its 36th year, the annual Pushcart Prize anthology, “Best of the Small Presses,” has become a standard title for anyone interested in a sampling of who or what is happening in contemporary American...

“Pushcart Prize XXXVI”
Edited by Bill Henderson
Pushcart Press, $18.95

    Now in its 36th year, the annual Pushcart Prize anthology, “Best of the...

“My Dyslexia”
Philip Schultz
W.W. Norton, $21.95

    If New York’s Gilded Age had once appeared to be gently disappearing into the pages of the history books, the last few years, laden with financial malfeasance, Wall Street greed, burgeoning poverty, and an ever-...

“Kayak Morning”
Roger Rosenblatt
Ecco, $13.99

    Last year was the year of the grief memoir. Joyce Carol Oates’s “A Widow’s Story” concerns the...

“The Last Whaler”
Nicholas Stevensson Karas
AuthorHouse, $25

    When I checked my morning mail several months ago, I was surprised by a large mystery envelope. I...