“Kurt Vonnegut: Letters” Edited by Dan Wakefield Delacorte, $35
    In the race for the best title of a collection of poems, the Street Press boys are neck and neck. Graham Everett, the founding editor of the press and of its accompanying magazine, has come out with a new one, “An...

“American Rhapsody” Carole Stone CavanKerry Press, $16

“The Cause” Eric Alterman and Kevin Mattson Viking, $32.95
One Eye on the Voting Booth

 “Back to Blood” Tom Wolfe Little, Brown, $30
Caro’s a Finalist     Robert A. Caro, whose house in East Hampton has an accompanying uninsulated writing shed that’s known herculean bouts of key-pounding, has been named one of five finalists for a National Book...

So when this mysteriously titled art book, “Cappy,” written by Terry Wallace, an East Hampton gallerist, crossed my desk, I asked myself, who is Cappy? I was quickly reminded of an old adage regarding artists’ monographs —...

 “Data Error” Dan Giancola Street Press, $15