“Long Island Noir”     Forget the sunshine and beaches. You don’t have to sit in traffic or schlep through a dispiriting strip mall to know of Long Island’s dark side. And now its depths are plumbed in a...

    “Grand Isle,” Sarah Van Arsdale’s absorbing and suspenseful new novel, takes place in an eponymous North Fork enclave that closely resembles Shelter Island. A rather large cast of characters, most of them...

  “Eminent Outlaws” Christopher Bram Twelve, $27.99

   “Space Chronicles” Neil deGrasse Tyson W.W. Norton, $26.95

   Amazon, beloved for its Kindle and its convenience. Amazon, loathed for its . . . Kindle and its convenience. With the online giant now moving into publishing in its own right and in a major way, imprints and all, the time is right to...
“Rome” Robert Hughes Knopf, $35

   “Balzac’s Omelette” Anka Muhlstein Other Press, $19.95

“American Gibraltar” Henry Osmers Outskirts Press, $21.95

 “An Available Man” Hilma Wolitzer Ballantine, $25