“Gil Hodges” Tom Clavin and Danny Peary New American Library, $26.95
In the Shadow of a Hospital
“Home Bird” Laura Wainwright Vineyard Stories, $19.95

“Ice Cap” Chris Knopf Minotaur Books, $25.99

“Yossarian Slept Here” Erica Heller Simon and Schuster, $25 “Just One Catch” Tracy Daugherty St. Martin’s Press, $35
   Caroline Rob Zaleski will speak at the Amagansett Library on Saturday at 6 p.m. about her book “Long Island Modernism: 1930-1980.” Released by W.W. Norton on Monday, the book has been described as the “first...
   Poets House, a national archive in Manhattan of 50,000 volumes of poetry, will host a celebration next Thursday evening of the life of Siv Cedering, a Swedish-born poet who spent much of her adult life on the East End.

The current state of the United States maddens Ted Rall, and in his most recent book, which touches on such problems as income inequality, political hypocrisy, crony capitalism, he seeks to enrage his readers. And he does, but not perhaps in the way he intends.

“The Book of Obama” Ted Rall Seven Stories, $14.95
    If you are an adult and you write, or even if you don’t, Stony Brook South­ampton’s Florence Writers Workshop is a trip worth considering.

 “At the Fights” Edited by George Kimball and John Schulian Library of America, $19.95
It’s a Book, It’s a Periodical . . .     No, it’s the new Southampton Review, volume VI, number 2, summer 2012, 232 pages, retailing for 15 bucks and coming to you fresh and glossily printed courtesy of Stony...

  “Killing the Messenger” Thomas Peele Crown, $26    On Aug. 2, 2007, a 19-year-old male wielding a handheld shotgun killed the editor of The Oakland Post, a small, free, weekly newspaper in California. The killer had...