The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.
According to Prudential, the number of sales is up sharply over the same period last year, although prices slipped from last year’s results, as did listing inventory.
White’s Pharmacy and a handful of other East Hampton retail establishments have the increasingly uncommon distinction of staying in business, in the same spot, for over four decades, year round.

Operation Rescue Paw
    The Rescue Paw Foundation, founded by Candy Udell, an East Hampton resident and the president of London Jewelers, has teamed up with the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons to...

Fresno Partners L.L.C. to R. Steininger, 18 Dominy Court, .92 acre, Sept. 1, $2,450,000.
D. Westfall to I. Wilts, 42 Buell Lane, 1 acre, Sept. 12, $1,450,000.


S. Falik to Amagansett Beach Box, 1932 Montauk Highway (vacant), Sept. 7, $300,000.
J. Keating by administrators to J. Kirschenfeld, 20 Beach Avenue, .11 acre, Sept. 9, $650,000.
S. Newman to D....

G. and E. Simons to D. Nugent and V. Gaynor, 60 Schellinger Road, .23 acre, Aug. 19, $515,000.

R. Pollack and Trust to J. O’Grady, 6 Semaphore Road, 1...

A.S.M.A.C. L.L.C. by sheriff to H. Sabet, 415 Main Street, 2 acres, June 2, $500,000.
H. Lamont to J. and L. Rabaglia, 17 Whalers Lane (vacant), Aug. 12, $1,200,000.
K. Lee to P. Klepetko and T. Deutsch...