Solar Home Tour
    Renewable Energy Long Island is coordinating visits to three South Fork houses on Saturday as part of the National Solar Tour and Green Buildings Open House.

Pumpernickel’s Deli on Pantigo Road in East Hampton is closing its doors at the end of the business day tomorrow.

R. Marshall and W. Georgi to Windansea L.L.C., 296 Cranberry Hole Road, .75 acre (vacant), July 27, $750,000.
R. Brown Jr. to B. Mayer, 25 Wyandanch Lane, .09 acre, Aug. 1, $690,000.


    Plum TV, which is based in Miami but operates a station in the Hamptons along with seven other high-end markets in the United States, began what Robbie Vorhaus, a spokesman for the company and a Sag Harbor resident, called a...

251 Pantigo Road L.L.C. to Fleetwood and McMullan, 251 Pantigo Road, .25 acre, Aug. 1, $1,250,000.

G. Roth to A. and L. Fuschetto, 278 West Lake Drive and Lot...

Pottery by Bulgar USA, run by Donna and George Hadjipopov of Montauk, has beenfeatured in Vogue, House Beautiful, and Southern Living, and will be in the November issues of both Elle Decor and Harper’s Bazaar.

E. Laffey to J. and T. Novogratz, 30 Laurel Hill Lane, 1.66 acres, July 22, $2,750,000.
O. Jadwat to 25 Golf Club L.L.C., 25 Golf Club Drive, 1.75 acres (vacant), July 21, $729,000.
F. Naib to...

M. Martin to M. Cantu-Bonzani, 88 Leeton Road, .17 acre, June 22, $1,460,000.

Caparro Second Family to C. Payne, 8 Royal Oak Way, 1.05 acres, July 11, $375,000....

    Beauty events are big this season. Following Renee Stern’s (of Renee Stern Cosmetics) visit to White’s Pharmacy two weeks ago to discuss eye colors, Rebecca Underdown of the McDermott family in East Hampton hosted...