Because one of my friends wants to lose a lot of weight and recently asked whether I had any recommendations about how he should go about it, I’ve been thinking about diets.  We had discussed counting calories...

It really was a steam laundry. Of course you already knew that if you were a Laundry restaurant patron during its 25-year run on Race Lane dating from 1980. The large industrial washing machine on the patio was a good clue.
    On entering the office one recent deadline morning, I was told that the electricity had gone out and would be out for the next six hours.     Since I had one more story to write, not of much moment, but...
    The transition from urban dwelling to small-town living has been anything but easy.
    A good friend called during work hours early this week and said he had something important to discuss. Immediately, I thought that he was calling to say he was engaged now that New York is about to allow same-sex marriages....
Somewhere in the archives here at The Star are stories about how the Atlantic sturgeon was caught here and made into caviar.
Back to school catalogs have begun to arrive, and summer, the season that when you’re young you think will never end, has barely begun..
Not even the Kona, that magical coffee bean, could rouse the sleeper, and by the time he did wake up, the external shell of me was ready for bed.
Trouble on the beach of one sort or another is inevitable once the days get hot and the water reaches a swimmable temperature.