While the physical building at the Springs School is being tested by a burgeoning student population, it became clear at a Sept. 19 round-table discussion by a group of teachers representing various grades and subject matter that negative comments had also become an issue.
Wondering what to do with the kids this weekend or how to keep them busy after school? From puppet shows to story times, art workshops to science explorations there's always something going on. 
The Springs School District on Monday beefed up its capital reserve fund with nearly a million dollars, money left over from last year’s budgeted expenses.
The Bridgehampton School, constructed in 1939, is the only local school to have never undergone a major building expansion. It has instead used a handful of portable buildings, which were added more than 40 years ago.
Teachers at the Montauk School will receive a new contract from the district after working without one since June 2015. Negotiations have been ongoing for more than a year.
The Wellness Foundation’s fall seminar, planned for next Thursday, will feature Robyn O’Brien, an expert who has been dubbed “food’s Erin Brockovich” by The New York Times.
Opposition to the East Hampton School District’s preliminary plan to build a bus maintenance depot and refueling facility on the Cedar Street side of its high school campus has begun to emerge. Several residents spoke up during Tuesday’s...
When Andy White painted a bold image of an anchor with the words “Montauk the End” in first grade, he probably hoped his parents might display it somewhere at home. Little did he know that it would eventually be emblazoned on dozens of T-shirts to be worn by friends, family, and people who had never met the Montauk student, now 9.
The fall adult education program at East Hampton High School is set to start on Oct. 3, and the school district has put out a call for community members who are interested in leading classes. They can contact Debbie Mansir, the school’s...